That was good. Who wrote that?

I’m glad you asked. It’s good to have a healthy, inquisitive attitude towards life. Some people don’t think like that. They just consume mindlessly. You’re not like that. You’re a thinker. I like you. Anyway, you were asking who wrote the song, and the answer is:

Melanie Safka

This is Melanie Safka. Melanie Safka is an American singer-songwriter known professionally as Melanie (as opposed to her full title which is Melanie Safka) She is best known for her hits “Brand New Key”, “Ruby Tuesday”, and “What Have They Done to My Song, Ma”, and least known for her surname, which is Safka.  


Melanie Safka

cut her teeth on the folk circuit along side Bob Dylan, She was one of only a few of female performers to appear at the 1969 Woodstock Festival and thereafter became the poster child of the hippie culture.

Flower Power

Melanie was the 9th act to perform on the first night at around 11 pm. She played the slot originally intended for the Incredible String Band, who refused to play in the rain.

Miley Cyrus

has amassed over 22 million views on YouTube since reviving interest in the 70s folk anthem. She first performed it the laid back Backyard Session, then recorded it for her contribution to Free The Nipple.

En Français

The song contains a verse in French: Ils ont changé ma chanson. Ils ont changé ma chanson. C’est la seule chose que je peux faire et ce n’est pas bon. Ils ont changé ma chanson.
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For the Privileged Few

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Buxom Brunette

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