This is my first time releasing a Live EP. I was invited to play at the Balor Arts Centre, Co.Donegal on 1st May 2019. It’s a professional theatre and live music venue with a raised stage and excellent sound / lighting.

The Ghostlight Sessions is curated by local songwriter Dean Maywood and headlined by the exceptional Blackbird & Crow.

I wasn’t sure what to play until I got up there but ended up with a nice variety of songs, old and new. It was my first time playing in Donegal so technically it was all new to the audience.

Next day Ciarán (who did the sound on the night) kindly emailed me the vocals / guitar raw audio file taken from the desk. I compressed the sh*t out it and piled a bunch of reverb and mastering plug-ins on top.

Pleased with the results, I found an old 15th Century woodcutting called “Dance of Death” by Hans Holbein and printed some nice posters on linen paper. I added some QR codes onto stickers to link people to the EP and here it is!

I hope you enjoy these 24 brief minutes of originals (and one cover). It’s a bit rough round the edges but that’s me all over.

It’s also available to stream on YouTube, Spotify, Apple etc – just search for Dolbro Dan.


  1. Bat Country
  2. Four Leaf Loser
  3. Microchipping Me
  4. Richard Cory
  5. Bird Song
  6. Dolbro Dan’s Ragtime Rant
  7. Performin’ Rites

Recording Project

Folk Dope was recorded with support from friends and fans through a crowdfunding campaign and released by US indie vinyl label, Feedbands. Based on an organic farm in North Carolina, Feedbands is an ethical, musician-friendly independent label. They release limited first editions of unsigned bands. Aside from that they also plant trees to offset carbon emissions while offering food and shelter for touring musicians. 


FOLK DOPE Album – £20 inc. UK P&P – buy it here

My second full-length album, Folk Dope is made up of eleven lyric-driven originals. It ranges from Alternative Folk to Acoustic Blues, Alt Country, Rock’n’Roll, Americana – whatever is needed to deliver the story.

Most of these songs began life in a simple acoustic guitar and harmonica arrangement (much like my previous album “Singin Homemade Music”) but by the end of recording the album was full of instruments – drums, bass, piano, accordion, pedal steel, saxophone, clarinet and guest vocalists…

“Old time roots with a modern, raucous twist.” – Sounds Good 

OWN UP – Oh Where Is My Loved One Buried? (Lyrics / Images)