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Folk Dope is an album by Dolbro Dan. Eleven lyric-driven originals showcasing Dan’s love of old time roots with a raucous, modern twist. Never one to mince words, Dolbro Dan slings his heart and soul into his words and vocals, attacking the recordings with a host of guest performers to produce an intense range of moods and poignant moments.

Alternative Folk, Acoustic Blues, a hint of Irish Trad, Americana, Alt Country. Whatever helps to deliver the story. Dan has always been a big fan of early Bob Dylan and took a leaf from his book when he first started out on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Dan dabbled briefly with dobro guitar (failing to note the correct spelling!) but continues to favour his trusty Avalon silver series from the Ards based guitar manufacturers. 

Vinyl Release

Folk Dope was recorded with support from friends and fans through a crowdfunding campaign and released by US indie vinyl label, Feedbands. Based on an organic farm in North Carolina, Feedbands are a highly ethical, musician-friendly independent label who issue first editions of unsigned, DIY artists. Aside from that they also plant trees to offset carbon emissions, offer food and shelter to touring bands, and reward listeners with bitcoin for using their streaming service!  


The following songs are available to stream online:
Cement Shoes, Staring At The Floor, Own Up and All’s Well That Ends (Oh Well) 

Limited Edition LP – Green Mint Colour – BUY IT HERE