So it’s songs you’re after, is it?

Well, here you go!

A Song For Jane & John
A Storm Is Coming
All’s Well That Ends
Away & Jump
Back In The 1960s
Bahamian Rasta Queen
Ballad of the Golden Harmonica
Bat Country
Bird Song
Cement Shoes
Cold Shoulder Blues
Delusions of Grandeur
Dolbro Dan’s Lament
Dolbro Dan’s Ragtime Rant
Dream Within A Dream
Famous Last Words
Folk Dope
Food Fight
Four Leaf Loser
Gaffer Island
Gitmo Stomp
Gothic Girl
Interstellar Comet
Judgement Day
Just Play Along
Kiss Goodbye
Let The Dead Bury The Dead
Living Dead
Microchipping Me
Morning Train
Mother Dear
My Subordinate
Now & Then
Own Up
Performin’ Rites
Public Nuisance Blues
Quit While You’re Ahead
Rain Droppin’ Blues
See Thru The CIA
Silver Clouds
Souped Up Da F**k
Staring At The Floor
Sweet Talker
Talkin’ Belfast Bike Crash
The Anticipation Is Killing Me
The Guest
The Magician
Think Again
Three Chord Song
What Summer?!
When Bob Was Still a Boy


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Singin' Homemade Music
  • Silver Clouds
  • Morning Train
  • Public Nuisance Blues
  • Bat Country 
  • When Bob Was Still a Boy
  • Cold Shoulder Blues
  • Three Chord Song
  • My Subordinate
  • A Song For Jane & John
  • Dolbro Dan’s Lament
  • Four Lead Loser
  • Let The Dead Bury The Dead
  • Mother Dear
Paranoid Protest Songs
  • Microchipping Me
  • Gitmo Stomp
  • The Anticipation Is Killing Me
  • Now & Then
  • Back In The 1960s


  • Talkin’ Belfast Bike Crash
  • Dolbro Dan’s Ragtime Rant
Folk Dope
  • Folk Dope
  • Performin’ Rites
  • Cement Shoes
  • All’s Well That Ends
  • Quit While You’re Ahead
  • Ballad of the Golden Harmonica 
  • Kiss Goodbye
  • Sweet Talker
  • Own Up
  • Staring At The Floor
  • Dream Within A Dream
Misc (i)
  • Bird Song
  • The Magician
  • Gaffer Island
  • A Storm Is Coming
  • Interstellar Comet 
  • Rain Droppin’ Blues
  • See Thru The CIA 
  • Food Fight
  • Just Play Along
Misc (ii)
  • Living Dead
  • Headache
  • Choir 
  • Exposed
  • Judgement Day
  • Think Again 
  • What Summer?!
  • Away & Jump
  • Ex-Teen
  • Zoo
Misc (iii)
  • Delusions of Grandeur
  • Weekend
  • Bahamian Rasta Queen
  • The Guest 
  • Famous Last Words
  • Souped Up Da F**k 
  • Gothic Girl