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News just in: Musicians are piss-poor

But you can help!

Just one upfront payment of $10 (plus P&P) lets you financially support some poor sod with a guitar, simply by owning an actual copy of their music.

Help to offset the impending repossession of their musical equipment (as well as furniture) by showing charity and generosity to these marginalised songsmiths.

Discover more about the fantastic investment opportunity of collecting obsolete formats such as Compact Disks (which may also serve as physical reminders of your musical patronage!)

Cut to the chase ‘fore I cast thee into the pit of fire

Okay, rather than pay $15-20 for each and every single, EP or album you put out (ala CdBaby, Tunecore etc) why not use DistroKid for unlimited uploads for an annual fee of $19.99? Yeah? Pretty cool right?

This means for example, if Dolbro Dan wishes to release a song every day for a year, he can. And there’s not a thing anyone can do to stop him. (It’ll never happen in a million years – but the option is always there) 

That’s why Distrokid suits Dan because (strange as it may seem) he does not intend to keep his songs online forever, indefinitely. Where’s the attraction in that…?

Songs need to be finite and time-limited so there’s a chance that some people (true, virtuous people) might actually decide to cough up.

We recommend for musicians to try out DistroKid. Especially if they plan to inundate Spotify with 365 days worth of noise-art sonic experiments. 

By the way, these Distrokid links include an affiliate reference so that you receive a whopping 7% off and Dan gets $5 for anyone who signs up.

Thus concludes the Folk Dope Guide To Pissing Your Money Away (Part 1)