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Cement Shoes

Have you ever felt stuck in one place? Trapped by your situation, unable to move forward? I used to have a recurring dream were I could only move a snail’s pace – literally crawling along the pavement. ‘Cement Shoes’ is the first single from the new album, Folk Dope (which you’ll be hearing a lot about!)

Own Up

Dark and moody with guest vocals from Ada Storm. People keep saying this song should be used on the opening credits for a Netflix serial killer series… lol 

All's Well That Ends (Oh Well)

‘Another Side Of Bob Dylan’ has had a LOT of plays in my house over the years. This song would not exist were it not for tracks like ‘Ramona’ and ‘Ballad in Plain D’ … And with a little bit of accordion and piano this acoustic little song sound really nice.

Vinyl Revival

I’m a bit old fashioned so it’s no surprise that the long-awaited Folk Dope album will be release on vinyl. Yes it includes a digital download, but for the real collectors out there, I hope you will appreciate it an analogue format!

Richard Cory

This is great track to listen to if you’ve had a bad day at work. Next time you feel stressed rather than physically assaulting your employer try watching this video instead. Who’d have thought Simon & Garfunkel could have penned such an angst-ridden song!

Back In The 1960s

…there was an acid-folk duo from Edinburgh called the Incredible String Band. They wrote a couple of really brilliant albums which I’m heavily influenced by. I especially enjoy the singer’s unusal lilting style of singing. I always like to try vocal acrobatics and this track has plenty of that!